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Bozz Releases edge computing Product AI-Box (edge computing Server) EC02

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Edge computing refers to computing close to the source of things, data and actions. The carrier for edge computing can be an IoT terminal with special processing capability, a gateway or router with certain computing capability, or a server with strong computing capability deployed on one side of the scene.

5G, edge computing, and industrial Internet of Things are new development trends in modern society. Now, edge computing is widely used in more and more fields to replace cloud computing. Compared with traditional cloud computing models, edge computing has shorter latency and faster data response in some Internet of Things scenarios. Edge computing server is an essential and useful equipement . Recently, Bozz has developed and launched edge computing server (AI-Box) EC02, a hardware product in the edge field.

1、 Bozz  EC02 Application Scenarios

(1) It can be widely used in AI video empowerment in the fields of intelligent security, intelligent medical care, intelligent transportation, intelligent community, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet of Things, etc;

(2) Relieve the pressure of network broadband and the requirements of backstage structure on servers;

(3) Improve the realize efficiency and replication speed of intelligent application scenes;

(4)  AI enable rapidly to the stock terminal equipment to improve the processing capacity of massive data;

(5) Effectively manage the data flow from the device to the cloud, and reduce the risk of user privacy disclosure.

2、 Bozz  EC02 Features


(2) Strong encoding and decoding capabilities, up to 24Tops of computing power;

(3) Linux system;

(4) All aluminum alloy shell, excellent thermal performance;

(5) Rich external interfaces;

3、 Specific configuration of Bozz  EC02

Chipsets:CPU RK3399 GPU Mali-T864 GPU NPU 4*RK1808

Computing Hashrate: standard 12T (3.0T-24.0T optional)

Memory: 4GDDR+1G * 4 DDR+16/32/64 eMMC

Operating System: Linux

Network architecture: caffe, TensorFlow 1.3.2, PyTour, ONNX, DaRKnet

Algorithm model: INT8/INT16/FP16

Video codec: H265, H264, WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, VP8, VP9

Video access: 8-way 1080P

Video output: HDMI

Interface: USB3.0 * 4, Type-C * 1, HDMI OUT * 1,Gigabit network port * 1, DC power supply*1

4、 Steps to use Bozz edge computing Server EC02

Power on method: use DC 12V/2A power supply and plug in the power supply to start the machine.

Shutdown method: normal shutdown process of Ubuntu.

Forced restart method: press the reset button next to the device to force restart.

For more requirements and solutions related to edge computing hardware devices, edge computing servers, and AI-boxes, please follow and call Bozz Technology for details. Our company supports product customization, ODM and OEM.