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Bozz participated in the 79th China Education Equipment Exhibition in Xiamen China

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On April 25, 2021, the 79th China Education Equipment Exhibition, which lasted for three days, closed successfully in Xiamen, Ludao. This is the largest, most influential and most professional brand exhibition in the education equipment industry in China and even in the world.

With the deep integration of new technologies such as 5G, big data, Internet, artificial intelligence in education, the future smart campus will accompany our new generation to thrive. As the source manufacturer focusing on the development and manufacturing of intelligent hardware, Bozz has been deeply engaged in the independent innovation and development of intelligent terminals in the education system for many years, and many products have played important roles in many scenarios in major, primary and secondary schools across the country. At the invitation of the host party, the company team presented a number of smart campus star products on the spot. In the exhibition, the smart campus multi-scenarios scheme created by Bozz and Yuke Cloud Network attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

In the smart scenes such as campus intelligent access, ID card verification, intelligent payment for canteen, intelligent information display, many exhibitors have aroused strong interest in terminal application functions. After the on-site experience, they have carried out detailed communication and exchange with team partners on the specific parameter configuration of Bozz campus smart products.

Among the products displayed by Bozz this time, the face temperature measurement and attendance access control machine F0802/F501/F730, which supports face recognition, card recognition, infrared temperature measurement, mask recognition, attendance clocking, access control linkage and other functions; P18/P12, which supports face recognition, ID verification, fingerprint recognition, and QR code recognition and payment; Electronic class board F2153/F185 supporting face recognition, attendance management, temperature detection, real-time information display and other functions; The POS machine P15G for canteen , which supports face-scan payment and card payment, and the dual touch-screen POS machine F6D series for canteen, which supports code-scan payment, card payment, face-scan payment, digital keyboard and other functions. It also brings new solutions for the layout of campus diversified smart scenes.

In the future, with the change of demand for diversified campus scenarios, Bozz Technology will also continue to innovate and develop, supply more intelligent products suitable for future campus development needs, and help promote the development of information technology in the education industry and the construction of campus intelligence. For more information about smart campus application terminal solutions, please leave the message  or call us at any time for details. Our company supports product customization, ODM, OEM.