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About Bozz

2011, PCBA solution company established ;R&D team established;Support PCBA, ODM, and OEM services to various factories for stand-alone products such as DPF, 

          video greeting cards, and advertising machines.

2012, SMT production department established;

2013, the production department was established to support the production of complete machines;Provide ODM services for complete equipment for customers of 

          different brands;

2014, Start intelligent hardware R&D projects and Android system research and development, products involving smart all-in-one machines, digital signage and other products

2015, the foreign trade sales department was established;Verify becoming an ODM manufacturer of Walmart video greeting cards and establish a friendly cooperative relationship

          with  Walmart ODM products - day clock product series coverage reaches more than 70% of global products

2016, BozzTechnology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was formally established and passed ISO9001/ISO14001 certification

2018, the Structure Department was established; Invest in molds and injection molding factories to enhance product customization capabilities; Establish a clean room and equip 

          the entire factory with an air-conditioned environment; The company became a national high-tech enterprise;

2019, we further expanded our production capacity and improved our R&D capabilities, with the factory area reaching 14,000 square meters (the monthly production capacity of SMT

         reached 120,000 units, and the monthly production capacity of intelligent complete equipment reached 180,000 units).

2020, the company added new AI security and innovative product series, and established a comprehensive testing laboratory for intelligent products and an intelligent 

          image laboratory.

2021, we established a friendly cooperative relationship with Tencent and became a direct source supplier of WeChat payment equipment; in the same year, we established a 

          Changsha R&D branch and a Shanghai sales branch.

2023, the self-owned R&D building is officially put into use, and the manufacturing center further expands the office environment, while meeting greater production capacity needs 

          and improving delivery capabilities.