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 As a Chinese national high-tech enterprise and national-level specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products, Bozz Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is determined to focus on the field of the Internet of Things, and engaged in the design, the R&D and the intelligent manufacturing of the intelligent devices and of industrial solutions. 

Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company has Changsha R&D Center and Shanghai Sales Center. Its products involve Pos devices, AI visitor identification devices, security access control devices, high-performance edge computing servers, intelligent touch devices and other innovative application scenarios, which are widely applied to finance, transportation, security, business travel, construction and home furnishing industries in the world, to enabling the upgrading of information intelligence application of food, housing, transportation, entertainment etc. 

In 2021, it achieved the revenu of 200 million yuan, with sales mainly distributed in European and American countries and chinese domestic innovation industries. The performance of Bozz has double increased year after year, with more than 8% of the revenue as R&D investment, and has excellent R&D innovation and resource integration capabilities. More than 51% of the staff are full-time engineers in software, hardware, structure, design, etc., who have contributed more than 100 patents. 

The company won the honor of Shenzhen Longhua Top 100 Innovation Enterprises, and signed the strategic cooperation with Hunan University of Science and Technology, and thus formed an integrated layout of production, education and research. Bozz self built the perfect laboratory of optical and electrical performance, reliability, safety and regulation. And Bozz self owned SMT line, assambling and package intelligent manufacturing workshops. The self owned area of the office and workshop is 16000㎡, the annual production capacity of PCBA exceeds 3 million pieces, and the annual production capacity of the whole machine exceeds 1.2 million sets. The 3000㎡ Bozz Sports Center is built by ourselves, where our employees can enjoy the pleasure of sweating.

The company adheres to the corporate culture of people-oriented, hard work, respect for talents, and value innovation. Achieving customer's value, we work together with our employees and partners to develop and progress together, and continue to innovate!

Bozz Technology(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd

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