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Bozz released PT310 POS machine for the Smart Canteen with weighing scale and code scanner

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Recently, Bozz released a new POS terminal for group meal settlement in smart canteens--PT310 POS machine for the Smart Canteen with weighing scale and code scanner , which attracted industry attention. This equipment designed for the smart canteens and supports dish weighing and code-scan payment.

The significance and value of  Bozz PT310 for the operation and development of smart canteens and restaurants:

It can realize the dishes weighing and charging for canteens smartly, reduce waste and save labor. The terminal integrates a weighing sensor module and code scanner, by sensing the weight change of meal before and after taking out the dishes, it calculates the weight of the meal, and makes a senseless payment after the meal, so as to realize "how much to eat", effectively save the labor cost investment of the canteen, and reduce the waste of group meals in the canteen.

The functional features of Bozz PT310:

1. Supporting user face, IC card registration and binding tray, supporting WeChat registration and binding tray, without queuing for settlement;

2. The dining table is integrated with the tray area, which can be sold by self-service and weighed to improve the dining experience;

3. You can query consumption bills, nutrition reports, transaction records, etc. after meals;

4. The canteen or restaurant can supplement and replace dishes through the management big data;

5. Weighing at gram level;

6. Easy to integrate into restaurant design;

7. Visually display the price, nutrition and energy of dishes.

For more information about the terminal configuration solution of Bozz's intelligent code scanning, weighing and settlement all-in-one machine PT310 or the demand for more equipments for the smart canteen, please contact Bozz for details. Our company supports product customization, ODM and OEM.