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Bozz released the second generation M19 of dish recognition machine (the self-service food pricing and infomation machine) for the smart canteen

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Recently, Bozz announced the release of the second generation M19 of dish recognition machine (the self-service food pricing and infomation machine) for the smart canteen. M19 is another group meal application that can intelligently identify the price, nutrition and other information of dishes after the dish recognition machine/dish machine M18. What are the application requirements and features of the Bozz dish recognition machine M19? Why do modern smart canteens need smart dish recognition machines? Bozz will explain to you:

1、 Market analysis

The traditional consumers in canteen choose the food by manually identifying the price of the food, which is inefficient, error-prone, backward accounting method, non-intuitive revenue analysis, extensive management, and consumers carry cash and meal cards to pay, which is inconvenient to carry, easy to lose, high operation and management costs, and high requirements for the cashier. For consumers, the dining time is limited, the queue takes up most of the time, the flow of people is too large, there is a calculation deviation in the manual calculation of the price, the order and the meal are delayed, and it is necessary to repeatedly communicate the change of the dishes or the price notice is not convenient, and it is necessary for each restaurant to notify that each restaurant needs more than one staff to settle the meal.

Smart canteen is to meet the trend of the mobile internet era. Based on the existing canteen management mode, it innovates and creates a convenient canteen ordering and dining mode, which can achieve accurate meal preparation/procurement, eliminate waste/corruption, strengthen the interaction between diners and the canteen, and improve the dining experience and service level of the canteen. At the same time, it has powerful management functions, including not only basic canteen management functions such as procurement, cost, inventory, reports, personnel permissions, meal card management, but also high-end canteen headquarters management and control capabilities, which can meet the needs of canteen management of different scales.

The settlement mode of intelligent cafeteria's self-service meal collection has become a trend mode, whether in the campus cafeteria of colleges and universities, or in the cafeteria of enterprises, parks, and community cafeterias, and is also an inevitable trend in the operation and development of the cafeteria.


2、 Product characteristics

Bozz dish recognition machine M19 can be used in the scene of standard food preparation table. Each heat preservation eye (dish basin) corresponds to a production all-in-one machine (configuration includes: main board+NFC reader+main board+4.3-inch display+7-inch dish nutrition display). All the relevant equipment of the heat preservation eyes are connected together, connected in parallel between the heat preservation eyes, and connected to the Android all-in-one machine.

Advantages and features of the Mozz dish recognition machine M19:

1. Double-screen (4.3+7-inch) display screen, integrated structure, voice broadcasting and free adjustment of dishes;

2. NFC automatically senses dishes, bowls and dishes;

3. R485 networking communication;

3、 Product specification of dish identification machine M19

Product name: intelligent product display and settlement machine

Product model: M19

CPU: AM7331 (2 pcs)



System: MCU core subsystem

Screen: 4.3-inch display screen (480 * 272 resolution), 7-inch nutrition screen (optional) (800 * 480 resolution)

NFC module: supports 15693 protocol, IC card, CPU card

Identification distance: 0~5CM

Recognition speed: less than 300 milliseconds

Buzzer: broadcast sound prompt

Communication interface: DC input 12V * 1485 input * 1, electronic scale interface * 1, USB2.0 interface

Equipment power supply: DC 12V/3A

Protection grade: IP66 design

Relative humidity: 0% - 90% (in non-condensable water drop state)

Working temperature: 0 ° C~45 ° C

Product weight: 2kg (reference)

Package size: 450mm * 350mm * 180mm

With the continuous development of smart canteens, more and more smart canteens will be equipped with smart equipment to enable the canteen scene. When people get used to the fast pace of life, get used to cardless and cashless payment, get used to code scanning and face brushing settlement, and get used to contactless self-service terminals, more and more intelligent self-service terminals will be applied to the canteen scene to enable. For more information about the purchase and customized solutions of the group meal settlement equipment in the smart canteen, please call Bozz Technology for details. Our company is the source manufacturer, supporting product customization, ODM and OEM.