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Bozz released ES-W01 intelligent water control all-in-one machine for public dormitory bathroom

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Recently, Bozz Technology announced the release of a self-developed black technology product - intelligent water control integrated machine ES-W01. This product is mainly used in the shower rooms , boiling water room, wash basin of hospital and campus dormitory etc. It can intelligently control water consumption, decrease water waste, and optimize scene management.                                               

What are the functional advantages and application features of the new smart campus black technology released and listed by Bozz Technology - intelligent water control all-in-one machine ES-W01? Next, we will analyze the technical performance parameters, front-end equipment of management center, specific functions and outstanding advantages of Bozz intelligent water control all-in-one machine ES-W01 in detail:

1)Technical performance parameters of Bozz intelligent water control integrated machine ES-W01:

1. Name: integrated timing and metering color screen water controller, solenoid valve 140MM long

2. Shell size: 115MM long * 77MM wide * 80MM high

3. Working voltage: 12V1A

4. Sensing distance: 3-5 cm

5. Power: dynamic less than 2W

6. Card reading speed: 0.3 seconds

7. Card reading type: non-contact M1 card (customizable CPU card)

8. Transmission rate: 9600,115200

9. Ambient humidity: 10% - 90%

10. Temperature environment: 0 ℃ - 80 ℃

11. Amount in card: 1 million

12. Number of card users: 1 million

13. Offline storage capacity: 100000

14. Networking quantity: 9999 sets (customizable)

15. Communication mode: offline or customizable (433 wireless communication, TCP communication, WIFI communication, 4G communication, Internet of Things wireless communication)

16. Display screen: color screen, supporting multiple languages

17. Operating weight: about 1KG

18. Consumption mode: real-time deduction, withholding, and consumption per time

19. Consumption mode: timing mode, pulse metering mode

2)Intelligent water control integrated machine ES-W01 management center

The main tasks are as follows:

1. Open the WeChat recharge function, and users can recharge on their own on WeChat official account.

2. User card, setting card issuing, recharging, loss reporting, card recycling, etc.

3. Terminal management and terminal data collection.

4. Data sorting, statistics, query and printing.

3)Bozz intelligent water control integrated machine ES-W01 front-end equipment

Front-end equipment refers to water control application components, which realize the application functions of water control management system, including fee deduction, water control, consumption data processing and storage, etc. It includes the following components:

1. Integrated water controller (4G version)

2. Power supply (above 12V/1A)

4)Bozz intelligent water control integrated machine ES-W01 system function

Bozz intelligent integrated water control system mainly has the following functions:

1. A water control computer supports multiple user cards or specified user cards and other functions of use rights (refer to the restricted machine number of the consumption system).

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, steam proof, strong magnetic interference resistant design, double waterproof treatment.

3. The card slot is designed to facilitate card insertion. Insert the card into the card slot of the water control machine and discharge the water. According to the length of water use, charge by time or measure according to the flow of water, deduct the consumption amount according to the smallest unit of deduction. If the balance on the card is insufficient, automatically close the valve; Insufficient balance alarm function.

4. Daily time limit, daily limit function, daily free water quantity and time setting, and the function of deducting fees according to standard rates after exceeding. (Customizable restriction function)

5. Set the water use period. The allowable water use period can be set. Water is not allowed at other times.

6. It has the discount function of 9 card types, and different card types enjoy different discount water.

7. It can be used offline or online, and connected with the computer. It is easier to report the loss and obtain the terminal consumption details through communication.

8. Support database amount reading, online status judgment of database balance, offline status judgment of consumption card wallet, data accuracy ultra-high precision.

9. Multiple communication modes are available.

10. Support secondary development, provide various interface protocols, and make docking simple and convenient.

5)Bozz intelligent water control integrated machine ES-W01 has outstanding advantages

At present, the intelligent integrated water control machine on the market is mixed, and the application quality and effect are different. Compared with the intelligent integrated water control machine ES-W01 independently developed by Bozz, it has outstanding advantages: 4G communication, small program cloud management; Support Bluetooth and never drop the line; Synchronize compatible card reading usage mode. Welcome to Bozz. Our company supports product customization, ODM and OEM.