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The magic mirror --fitness yoga mirror, which is popular in the fashion circle and customized by smart hardware manufacturer, is coming!

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In the information age, you can buy a lot of things without leaving home, and you can get the visual experience of the cinema by using the home theater... In addition, family fitness is also quietly entering our life, such as the smart magic mirror, which is popular on the Internet recently, that is, the smart fitness mirror. Bozz Technology(Shenzhen) recently announced that the R&D and production of Bozz smart fitness mirror DM43 has been listed, which has attracted the attention of many industry customers and friends.

Bozz Technology: Smart magic mirror(fitness mirror) hardware customization manufacturer

What is Smart magic mirror (intelligent fitness mirror)?

Smart magic mirror is a black technology upgraded on the traditional mirror, equipped with Android control system, human infrared sensing and voice control, which can realize practical functions such as news&infomation, broadcast, query, entertainment, and is commonly used in hotels, home, villas, real estate, new retail, health and other industries.

The reason why smart magic mirror called black technology is that if you are not reminded to know that it is an smart magic mirror, this product will not feel anything special in appearance  as a common mirro. Until you get close to it and the magic mirror starts, a whole set of life service system will be displayed in front of you.

What are the functions of Bozz AI Smart Magic Fitness Mirror DM43?

This Bozz DM43 smart mirror can integrate the functions of dressing, cosmetic surgery, news broadcast, music broadcast, exercise and fitness guidance, yoga practice guidance, healthy body fat exercise, etc. Whether it is wall-mounted or vertical installation, it can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. For more information about the hardware requirements of AI smart mirror/magic mirror/fitness mirror/yoga mirror, welcome to consult Bozz Technology. Our company supports product customization, ODM and OEM.