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Bozz Face&ID Recognition Authentication Device P18 was showed on CCTV News! Assist the hospital pharmacy in distribution control of special drugs

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In order to improve the supervision of the purchase and distribution of special management drugs, such as narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, and drugs requiring special management including ephedrine compound preparations, it is now required to set up face recognition authentication device in the drug distribution windows of some hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, and it is necessary to verify the identity documents of the drug recipients of related drugs. It aims to achieve effective management and supervision of special drugs  in medical institutions, and prevent illegal trafficking and abuse of anesthetic drugs, increase the construction of drug use monitoring sentinel hospitals, help improve medical quality and level, and effectively ensure drug safety and the use efficiency of medical insurance funds.

Taking Shanghai as an example, in 2020, the Municipal Anti Drug Office, together with seven major departments, including the Health Commission, the Public Security Bureau and the Finance Bureau, jointly issued the Implementation Plan on Strengthening the Supervision and Monitoring of Special Drugs Management in Medical Institutions, which requires medical institutions to actively use proper human resource, materials and technical aproach to improve the management system and supervision measures of special drugs in the whole process of procurement, storage, distribution, deployment, use and destruction. The network collection terminal equipment for special managed drugs shall be deployed according to the unified requirements, and the requirements for patients or agents to verify their legal identity documents when receiving special drugs shall be carefully implemented. Until now, Face&ID Recognition Authentication Device has been successively installed in pharmacies of major hospitals in Shanghai.

In a CCTV news broadcasted on the evening of May 7, in the relevant report on Shanghai's firm confidence and all-out efforts to promote the prevention and control work, we can clearly see that the distribution window of the hospital pharmacy reported in the news interview is equipped with several dual screen IFace&ID Recognition Authentication Device P18, which can verify the ID card by reading the information of the legal certificate of the recipient (ID card or new version of medical insurance card, etc.), and through dynamic facial comparison, Identify the authenticity of the identity information of the receiver, and the medicine can only be received after passing the verification. What is worth showing is that the identification terminal used by the hospital is from BozzTechnology. This dual screen Face&ID Recognition Authentication Device  P18 was developed, produced and listed by Bozz at the end of 2018.

What are the specific advantages and characteristics of the all-in-one  dual screen Face&ID Recognition Authentication Device  (smart visitor machine) P18 produced by  Bozz Technology, which recently appeared on CCTV news?

1.The terminal is an improved operating system based on Android in-depth optimization, and supports the installation of Android based apps;

2. The terminal is simple and pure white in appearance design, and supporting 120 ° natural rotation ,which makes the viewing angle and operation reasonable and free;

3. The terminal supports dynamic face recognition, and monocular/binocular live detection cameras are optional, with clear backlight;

4. The terminal supports ID card/NFC card reading, with optional fingerprint and A5 format metronome.

Verification process plan  for Face&ID Recognition Authentication for the drug recipients in distribution window of special drug of hospital pharmacy 

For example, the outpatient western pharmacy window submits the prescription of drugs under special management → provides the valid ID card (ID card or new version of medical insurance card, etc.) for verification → cooperates with the equipment for dynamic face collection registration → passes the verification, and the window pharmacist dispenses drugs. The patient shall bring his/her own ID card or new medical insurance card when he/she receives drugs under special management. If you need to collect it on behalf of others, you should also bring your ID card and the agent's ID card or the new medical insurance card.

With the continuous development of society, the public demand for intelligent  identification&Authentication terminals is increasing, and the application scenarios will be more and more extensive. It is also what intelligent terminal developers hope to see that the advantages of the terminal can be reasonably used to serve the application industry and fields. For more application solutions of Face&ID Recognition Authentication Device, please consult Bozz Technology for details, and we support ODM/OEM customization.