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How to choose the cash register correctly

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In the new retail era, more and more merchants are beginning to realize that present intelligent cash register is not only a payment machine, but also a marketing tool for stores, and many of them want to maximize the effectiveness of the cash register.


Today, i will give guidance about how to select a cash register correctly from the perspective of hardware:


1.  Positioning the application scenario of cash register clearly

It is necessary to clearly position the application scenarios of cash register, such as restaurant, coffee shop, fruit shop, supermarket, clothing shop, beauty shop, etc. 

The functions and priorities required by cash register will be different in different business scenarios.

The cash register in restaurant usually needs a bill printer, and majorly 80mm thermal printer,

The cash register in the convenience store in China needs expanded functions, such as  interfaces to connect electronic scales, cash boxes, code scanner, etc;

Due to the large volume of commuters, the cash register in supermarket needs to work for a long time, So it requires more stable hardware operation and storage size.


2. Clarifying cash register demand and budget 

Some customers pay more attention to the appearance design of the cash register, some focus on the function module configuration, and some pay more attention to the overall cost performance of the equipment. 

Therefore, only when the main requirements and budget of the equipment of the customer are clear, then the equipment supplier/manufacturer of the cash register can recommend appropriate product models and application solutions

We need to be clear that, just like buying mobile phones and computers, even with the same model, the price of cash register may be different due to different main-board schemes, memory sizes and other configurations.



3. Understanding the site size of the application scenarios of cash register

 The site size of the application store and the overall size and space of the cash register require different considerations in selecting the appearance and form of the cash register products.

 For smaller shop,such as milk tea shops and breakfast shops, it is recommended to use an intelligent cash register with a simple appearance and a small footprint.

 If it is used in shopping malls, department stores and other large supermarkets, you can choose a dual screen cash register with a 15.6-inch large screen according to the space, which has more functions, makes the overall appearance more high-end and grand, and easier to match the brand's tonality


4. Understanding the diversity of cash register collection methods

In the era of mobile payment, payment methods have become increasingly diverse.

From the common forms of cash and card payment in the past to the current NFC card swiping, QR code scanning, face swiping, and other forms of payment.

 It is very important that a cash register  can fully accommodate different payment and collection methods .

 Most of the cash register products developed by Bozz Technology are compatible with the aforementioned payment methods, and can customize screen sizes according to customer needs, or combine configurations according to different screen sizes, whether the camera is built-in or external, and the distribution of module positions.


5. Understand the importance of external functions of cash register

The functional requirements of cash register will be extended in different store scenarios. 

For example, milk tea shops need the cash register to have the external function of printing self-adhesive labels, which can be easily attached to cups to distinguish drinks of different customers. 

Bozz cash register mainly has USB, rj11, rj45, rs232 and other mainstream interfaces. It supports external cash box, code scanning box, thermal printer, card reader, electronic scale, etc. It can also be equipped with face recognition, ID card recognition and other functions. Its functions are far more than an ordinary cash register.


6. Understanding the operation stability characteristics of cash register 

The key test of running speed and stability is the CPU motherboard and memory configuration of cash register hardware. Generally speaking, the cash register is equipped with a quad core processor, which is also a good configuration. There is basically no jam, black screen and other situations during cash collection. If you need more advanced configurations, you can also choose a six core processor. Bozz Technology independently develops CPU motherboards such as RK3568 and RK3588 on the RK chipset platform, supporting the configuration needs of different customers.


7. Understanding cash register display configuration

For the configuration of cash register display screen, we need to specify whether we need a single screen or a double screen, size, resolution, etc.

Nowadays, many people buy smartphones and tablets and prefer to choose a larger screen with high-definition image quality. This is because if the screen is too small, it is difficult to see for a long time, and the image quality is not clear enough, resulting in poor visual experience.

The same is true for the display screen of cash register. If the screen is too small, finger touch operation is extremely inconvenient; The picture quality is too poor, and the cashier can't even see the desktop icons clearly, which inevitably affects his working efficiency and can lead to errors.


Dual screen cash register's is increasingly favored by the industry. The increased customer screen can effectively improve customer interaction, realize customer self-service order and payment, and customers can clearly see every amount of fees to be paid. In addition, the customer screen can also realize publicity and display, and hot sales recommendation. So, if you want a higher quality cashier, it's best to choose a high-definition large-sized double-sided display screen. For example, Bozz 15.6-inch dual screen intelligent all-in-one cash register P21 and P22 can be regarded as industry models.